Backpacking for a Healthy Life

Images of hikers in wilderness.

Backpacking burns 400 calories per hour, and more if going uphill or running.

Here is list of tips. Notable are travel light is best, bring protein bars and snacks, and it is not the same as camping.

I love to hike into the foothills with fishing gear, camping tent, and food in a pack.

Hiking is one of the most preferred recreational activities that has not prevailed worldwide. One of the most famous and adorable trails is the Myakka hiking trails.

The major attraction over here is the Myakka river state park. Myakka River State Park is located off SR 72, which is approximately 15 miles west of Sarasota. You can get the lock combination as well as the location from the ranger station. You must keep up with the park map from where you can follow the main Park Road back to the trailhead parking which is already mapped in the park map. The footpath over here is well cared for. The terrain area over here is flat and gets seasonally wet, with pine and palmetto landscape, oak hammocks and sloughs, and the vast prairies.

Myakka River State Park

Myakka River state park is one of the most unique and the oldest parks in Florida. It includes a total area of 37,000 acres. This area is abundant with wildlife. The major park has the center attraction such as numerous ponds, marshes, swamps, and streams and also the widest 7500-acre wilderness preserve of Florida. The major things that meander the major Myakka hiking trail are through the hammocks of the live oak and cabbage palm, across open palmetto Flatwoods and also along the small matches.

This hiking trail also traverses the broad open prairies up to two miles across which is a preserved remnant of central Florida 'original grasslands. Altogether you will find six different campsites in this trail such as Bee island, honors, panther point, prairie, oak grove, and mossy hammock. All the mentioned campaigns will provide an adequate pitcher pump for water but still, it is preferred to treat all water before you use it.


The major wildlife that you can enjoy in the Myakka hiking trails are deer, turkey, otter, wild hogs, and bobcats that inhabit this park. But still, if you are a new hiker, you must be lucky enough and even quite knowledgeable of animals and their habitats to see them. You can also get the chance to view eagles, sandhill cranes, ospreys and alligators along with the most beautiful Florida waterfowl. You can also get the chance to see the rarely seen species in this area. You can get the chance of coming across the Florida panther that still resides over here. The parks ensure the safety of all the possible wildlife residing in the park. You also have to be properly conscious regarding the moccasins and pygmy rattlesnakes in the park.

 The headquarter of this park also includes the amazing museum, native programs, a boat ride, and brochures on the park wildlife. The area also includes the remains of the prior settlements and the old cattle camos over here. Email me if you agree:

Hiking in Myakka trails

Since we know the six designated campsites of the major hiking area where we can stay at the time of any visit. Still, the easiest overnight trip will be reliable in the Bee island. The narrative over here describes a three day and two-night backpacking trip which is also considered as the longest loop trail in the Florida state park. While hiking in this area you also keep in mind that no kind of hunting is permitted in the state park. The major hike site gets open at 8 am to sunset and the leashed pets are allowed over here but still, you need to discuss this prior to our arrival.

The Myakka hiking trail is an extensive and well-engineered hiking destination. It is designed by the Suncoast Chapter of the Florida trail association. This trail system majorly has 39miles of trail broken into four loops.This also enables you to plan the numerous routes from a long day hike to a -day hike experiencing all four loops. Altogether you get several options to stay over here in Myakka and enjoy nature and wildlife but still, you will have to abide by the rules and regulations directed by the regulating authority.

Thus, pack your bags as per your hiking days because you should not get out of stock of the essentials at the major time which can ruin your experience as well.